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1. Power edging
First, the perimeter of the asphalt is edged with a power edger in order to expose as much of the surface a possible. The outer edge of your asphalt is most prone to damage from the elements, and we assure you that all the these edges will be covered.

2. Machine and hand cleaning
Next your asphalt will be cleaned using a gas power broom to remove any build up of dirt. Then a high powered blower is used to remove any loose debris.

3. Treatment of oil spots and other stains
Due to the porous nature of asphalt, oil spots and other stains cannot be fully removed from the surface. Therefore, we will treat all stains with a oil spot primer prior to sealing. The primer will stop the spread of the corrosive elements and allow for proper adhesion of the sealer to these areas.

4. Crack filling
This is when a rubberized compound is heated to approximately 370 degrees. Once heated it is then poured into the cracked areas and pulled flat with a squeegee.

5. Sealing
After all the previous steps are completed, we will seal the asphalt. We start by sealing the edges with a six-inch brush to maintain neatness and ensure coverage.  After the perimeter has been completely covered, we will proceed to seal the remaining asphalt. This procedure can be done with a brush or a sprayer. Both methods are a neat, clean and sufficient way to complete the sealing process.

6. Taping off the freshly sealed area
To complete the job, we will block off the area with caution tape. This will make it very clear not to drive, turn around, or walk on the area that has been sealed. After the sealing is complete, it is important to stay off of the sealed area for 24-36 hours.