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Why Sealcoat?

Sealcoating helps to seal the hairline cracks that can turn into large cracks. It also prevents water from seeping down into the base of the asphalt. It is especially important to keep moisture from seeping between cracks because of the freeze thaw cycle. If water freezes underneath the asphalt it can cause breakage that can lead to crumbling.

Sealcoating helps to protect the asphalt from the sun, as well as the harmful effects of chemical spills such as oil and gasoline. It reduces exposure to oxygen and UV rays, as well as reducing the depth to which chemicals penetrate. When asphalt is sealed it is less prone to oxidation and erosion of the top layer. The sealer replaces fine particles lost from the surface do to the oxidation process. If maintenance is not done, the erosion can lead to costly repairs. Sealcoating costs pennies a square foot compared to the dollars needed to replace old asphalt.

Sealcoating also benefits the appearance of pavement. The dark black color of newly applied seal coat improves the look of both new and old asphalt. Overall regular applications of seal coat can help to preserve and maintain asphalt and enhance the appearance of your property.

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